Announcement for (G)local 2008

November 26, 2007

We have the pleasure to announce the second (G)local conference organized by NYUS. The title of 2008 conference is:

Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution

We are distributing the official Call for papers these days, you can find all details here. In addition just the introduction part of it:

The majority of the content daily published on the world wide web is user generated, most of it posted on blogs or other social media platforms. The exact number of blogs is impossible to state at any given point due to the highly decentralized and dynamic character of the blogosphere. The evolution of the Internet is driven by that dynamic and decentralized nature of this new rhetorical opportunity that is becoming more available and easier to use. There is a growing need for sophisticated discussion of social media including blogs, blogging, blogosphere and social software in general.

The International Conference Glocal 2.0: Blogging: Evolution treated as Revolution invites researchers and practitioners (bloggers) for a discussion and analysis, as well as for sharing thoughts and experiences on the emerging networked society we live in. …Call for Papers

If you want us to distribute the official Call for Papers on some e-mail lists or if you have suggestions where we can announce the conference internationally, please leave comment or send e-mail to glocal2.0(at)


(G)local conference 2007

November 26, 2007

The firstborn of the NYUS Faculty of Communication and Media Studies conferences was held March 8-10, 2007.

We enthusiastically took on the task to get together academics and media practitioners in order to discuss what was formally titled as ‘(G) Local Media in Transition – the Case of South-Eastern Europe 1990-2007’. And discuss it (them) we did, for three days.

With speakers and audience members from Macedonia and beyond (the USA, France, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, etc.) we discussed matters like the broadcasting environment in the region, the freedom of access to information, journalists and their function as political actors, media ethics, the media ownership structure in the region, independent media, the Internet as a form of social media, etc… to put it briefly, we had something to offer to everyone, from all walks of media life. The discussions after each session showed us we were right to start this initiative and envision it as a traditional forum for exchange of knowledge and opinions.

For all of you who didn’t have the chance to spend at least one day out of the three during the March 2007 conference, or were there but would like to have the spoken word on paper, please note that the publication with the 2007 Glocal conference papers will come out very soon (the information will be posted here).