Hotel room prices with discount for GLOCAL 2.0
participants and audience members:

In order to get the discount, please book rooms through
the GLOCAL 2.0 organizing committee member Ms. Jana
Ivanovska at glocal2.0@nyus.edu.mk.

Holliday Inn:

Single room / breakfast included -122 euros
Double room / breakfast included -144 euros

Hotel Karpos:

Single room / breakfast included – 70 euros
Double room / breakfast included – 90 euros

How To Find Us:

Our address is: Saraj bb 1060 Skopje

You can reach us either by car, bus or taxi. If you want to reach us by car, the easiest way is to take the Boulevard Partizanski Odredi and drive north, towards exit of city of Skopje, highway to Tetovo and Ohrid. When you reach the outskirts of the city, you will have to turn left on the White Metal Bridge (as an orientation, there is a gas station “Makpetrol” on the right side). Then you drive straight for 500 meters and when you see the sign for the University you turn left on the first crossroad. Just follow the street 500 meters and you will see the University Campus on your left side. There is huge Parking Lot and the parking is free.

If you want to reach us by bus, you can take the line No.2 or No12 . You can get on the bus, in the Center of the City, on the bus station by the Central Church “Ss. Kliment Ohridski”, in the direction of North, towards Saraj. You should get off at the last bus station. From there, take the first street left and you have 500 meters walk to the University Campus. The prices for a bus tickets:

– 30 Denars on the bus line No. 2

– 20 Denars on the bus line No.12

If you want to reach us by taxi, we can recommend you few taxi companies. You can just tell to the driver to take you to the New York University in Saraj. Approximate price for a taxi drive between the city center and the NYUS is 250 denars (5 Euros). Please call the following numbers for reservation:

15193 Komma Komerc
15192 Plava Laguna


“Glocal 2.0 Bloging: Evolution Treated as Revolution” contact info
Skopje, Macedonia


Funding opportunities for the GLOCAL 2.0 conference

1. TEMPUS Programme (The latest programme, TEMPUS IV, will be launched in early 2008)

Individual Mobility Grants aim to help academic and administrative staff in participating partner countries travel and take part in training and conferences abroad, and to assist European teachers deliver training courses in partner countries, always within the context of Tempus’ objectives.


2. Closer Look (changes in grant implementation by early 2008)

A travel grant opportunity for journalists to explore popular and youth cultures in the neighbouring countries of the European Union.


3. Step Beyond (changes in grant implementation by early 2008)

The mobility fund STEP beyond stimulates and supports cross-cultural creative projects. Young artists and cultural practitioners are motivated to explore, experience, gain inspiration and stimulate innovative creative connections.


4. Lab for Culture

LabforCulture is an online information and knowledge platform dedicated to European cultural cooperation, complemented by a range of offline services and programmed activities. The website provides an unprecedented range of information on cultural cooperation across the broader Europe, as well as offering a platform for transnational cultural exchange, cultural debate, news and research.



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