Glocal 2.0 on bbc 5 live’s pods and blogs

Robin Hamman took some time to interview some of the other speakers at the conference, including:

• Darko Buldioski from the New Media Centre in Skopje and one of the organisers of the conference. He blogs at
Dragan Varagic, one of the leading bloggers in Serbia – he’s a consultant and university professor
• Zoran Ricliev, Online Editor of Utrinski Vesnik, a leading newspaper in Macedonia
Vedran Obucina, a Political Scientist at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and an expert on Political Blogs

The interviews were aired on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pods and Blogs. It`s at the end of the show, Do have a listen, it’s interesting stuff.

Thank you Robin.


4 Responses to Glocal 2.0 on bbc 5 live’s pods and blogs

  1. “Utrinski Vesnik, a leading newspaper in Macedonia”?! Leading in low circulation or what? Please elaborate.

  2. In fact, that was stated by the author of these interviews, in his original post, and i can only guess that it is said in regard of the online edition of Utrinski Vesnik

  3. Anonimus, elaborate your remark, please. Utrinski vesnik is not a tabloid, but a serious daily, and the circulation is satisfactory due to the target audience. Please check sitemeter on the site for the numbers for the online edition (banner on the left bottom of ) or

  4. Robin Hamman says:

    As Darko has explained above, he only quoted from me – and it’s true that I know little, if anything, about the Macedonian newspaper market. They do, as Zoran points out, have impressive site statistics and the paper itself appears to be professional. I can’t, of course, read a word of it so I’ll let you decide for yourselves whether it’s a quality product or not.

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